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Vivian K.

Newport Beach, CA

WiFi Guy is the Greatest!!! Our family WiFi was dragging with a family of 5 on lock down. 3 kids doing school online and both my husband and I doing group conference calls. He updated our modem, installed a WiFi mesh system so we had full coverage for everyone where they are working. Super techy, Super Helpful, Could be happier with the quick responds to fix our problem. Would highly recommend if you are having WiFi issues for your family.

Alex S.

San Clemente, CA

My wife and I have been forced to work from home and our current Wifi system would not support both of us working online at the same time. We were missing conference calls and where not able to access out companies web porthole because our computer screen was doing the circle dragging thing trying. Called the WiFi Guy and left a message and he called me right back. He assessed my current system and gave me some options of what to buy depending on my budget. Once the stuff arrived from Amazon he showed up and did his installation and setup and now our Wifi is fixed. If you need help with WiFi give him a call.

Ben R.

Laguna Beach, CA

WiFi Guy Saved Us. Two kids home from college doing classes online. I’m online trying to work from home. My son scored a bad test grade because he ran out of time because the internet was dragging. We need help now!!! Wifi Guy told me what to buy and off to Best Buy I went. As soon as I walked out of the store I called him and he met me at my house later that day and fix our WiFi so that its blazing fast.

Brenda W.

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

Our Wifi was awful. All my kids are home all day, gaming, streaming Netflix, I could even do a Google search let alone work. A friend referred me to the WiFi Guy. He hooked me up with a Google WiFi mesh system, the best thing is the parenting controls , the best part is that you can prioritize who gets the best wifi speed in the house. When I’m ready to start working, open the app, put me #1 and I have the best speed in the house so I can do my job online. He also hooked up my cell phone to the wifi so I now have perfect cell service which we didn’t have living where we live.

Maria A.

Ladera Ranch, CA

We only had good wifi in one section of our house which was upstairs in out master bedroom since that is where the wifi router is located. We had a mesh system installed and so we now have full coverage throughout the house and even in the backyard without pool area. My kids and I are extremely happy.

Kennedy L.

Aliso Viejo, CA

We had a number of Ring cameras, Ring doorbell, and smart switches installed on our 2nd home so we could keep on eye on it when we are not there. After the initial installation the signal was so poor most of the camera didn’t work and the doorbell was in slow motion. Our installer recommended the WiFI Guy. Had us do wifi tests on each of the locations of the Ring camera that we were having trouble with. Explain to us the problems we were having and what was needed to fix the problems. We ordered a new mesh system and he came out the same day it arrived and got all out devices online and working.

Yuki Y.

Irvine, CA

My husband bought a wifi mesh system at Costco and installed it himself and it never worked right, our wifi actually ended being slower then before the new system. The wifi guy was able to figure out what the problem was and fixed it that day.